About the Furniture

River Lodge Woodworks is the place to come for creating the look, feel and quality of outdoor furniture that will be admired by all who experience it.

What makes our furniture so special?

Built for comfort, our highly prized traditional Adirondack line has sculpted seats and curved back slats.

It is made in its entirety of Western Red Cedar. This wood, sustainably grown and harvested in the northwestern United States, is light but strong.

Its resin resists insects, bacteria and fungus (no rotting!) and is pound-for-pound stronger than steel.

Additionally, it has a thermal co-efficient – meaning even on the hottest of days, it will be cool to sit in. No longer will you need that towel to put down before you sit.

All our furniture is made from 5/4 inch thick lumber, which when finished is a full inch thick.  Many cheaper chairs coming from overseas have little quality control and are made of wood cut to a thickness of 3/4 inch or thinner.  The result being you must replace your furniture when it falls apart.  In the long-run you end up spending more money for a low quality product when you choose “cheaper” furniture.